Judas didn’t betray Jesus !!

FAKE NEWS: “Judas Betrayed Jesus”
Well Judas didn’t betray Jesus.
Right there in the Bible Jesus tells Judas: “You will reveal my whereabouts”, and to Peter: “You will deny knowing me 3 times”. In those days denying u knew one everyone knew you hung out with, was a form of ‘renouncing’ that person: like; “I don’t have a son!”.
Someone who showed you your soul at the last supper, and raises people from the dead asks you to do something you do so gladly.
But why did Jesus want Peter to renounce him and Judas to reveal his whereabouts ? Why Judas and Peter. As his closest disciples he could trust them with this difficult assignment…and as his closest disciples..to save them from hanging on crosses right next to him!!! Well duh !

The Last Supper. Artist Juanes Juan de c. 1507 1579 Pictures Getty Images And of course Judas didn’t kill himself. It ain’t something you do after getting what was given as the last supper (Hint: It wasn’t food) That was a cover story, so no one would come looking for him and plus… he had 50 pieces of silver to get out of dodge. That’s what happened. It’s common sense. Funny what a mess people did with those facts…
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Why My Guru Called It Quits

We had 7 Mahatmas. Like 7 Jesus Christs. When the Satguru called it quits they were a little disappointed too. No more traveling the world speaking to large and small groups of people in fine and fancy places. We the devotees were a 1/2 million round the world by the time the Satguru turned 18. We had telex, a movie studio, recording studios, a record label, publishing house, travel agency, network of hundreds of ashrams and premie houses all over the planet.
One Mahatma speaking to a soon to be closed ashram put it this way:
“Guru Maharajji can’t eat or sleep for you. He did not come to poop or do your homework for you. He did not come to settle disputes between you and your family.
The guru teaches you how to meditate and he cannot meditate for you.
Your life will go on but now you have found meditation in your toolbox. It has always been there, but now you know where to find it. This will influence your thoughts and behavior. . . as you move on with this life. There is no better or more advice to be given, no holy book or prayer more powerful than seeing the light, your very own soul shining within.”
Years later (last night in fact) I saw the documentary on the rise and fall of another smaller religious cult, the Rajneesh movement. “Wild,Wild Country” NETFLIX.
While Rajneesh wasnt a Satguru like Prem Pal, the similarities were apparant. Obviously My Guru called it quits to save us…from ourselves. “Wild, Wild Country is an awesomely well done documentary of the rise and fall of an east meets west religious cult popular in the early 1980’s.
Its not about spirituality…but certain the path.
My Guru Maharaj ji called it quits so that for us it would only be about spirituality, a personal experience, a meditation technique you will carry around in your pocket for the rest of your life. . . a shortcut to heaven whenever you want.
goddess-green-taras-face-sue-halstenbergHaving said something to that effect, the Mahatma shrugged and smiled:
“We don’t even need a temple anymore”
Jai Satchitanand for that!


The biggest suprise about going to heaven, is that it isnt a suprise at all !! Well maybe for some.
….First of all, yes of course you can go into the light BEFORE you die..it’s inside you right now or you wouldn’t be a life. So why not take a peek-see ? That’s suppose to be the whole point of religion…point u in the direction of …not a math master, or teacher of medicine, or car dealer, or history teacher, …but a living perfect spiritual master.

Anyhey, as we all know the religions of this world have people who annoited themselves King and Keens of which ever dead masters teachings they can covet. But stories statues and prayers to Jesus for example, are quite a proven poor substitute for what an actual Jesus has to offer. These religions do not want you to go looking for a Buddha or a Krsna or a Jesus in this world. They are happy to be in control of a hundred thousand evangelicans. . eg., who they instruct to vote Republican not search for a perfect spiritual master. Islam is full of don’ts…especially don’t look beyond islam for spirital knowledge. World religion idolizes itself above and beyond Allah, Yaweh, God, Elahem, or Krsna. Anyhey if you get sick, you do not go to the house of a doctor you know died 3 years ago. So why go see a memorial for Jesus when u need a living spiritual master? Well it can be fun and it certainly is respectful to bow in a temple…but let’s not pretend that anyone would settle for just pictures and songs or statues of oatmeal and toast …instead of a real breakfast.
If you wont settle for a fake breakfast or a dead doctor, why settle for an even more important dead spiritual master ? a person who can show you your soul so you can live forever…you expect a dead guy or gal’s gona teach you ?? The Pope can’t show you God. He’s just a messenger…but a poor example… or he’d leave his throne and seek, seek, and seek, till he found a perfect spiritual master… as Jesus instructed him to do in the Bible for Christsake!! Some people would get it …the rest including the power hungry at the Vatican, would say the Pope went nuts and strip him of Popedom.
I don’t know who all the spiritual masters in the world are right now. I already found one when I was 17 in High School, Prem Pal. He was only 16 ! He had 9 mahatmas, men and women. They dont want to be followed or worshipped. They give you the Knowledge (you remember the Light) and then they tell you go have a life. Someone shows you God within and then says ‘ now get lost’…you just go.

There are currently over 100 mahatmas or jesus’s in the world. They don’t advertise in the yellow pages because seeking them out is part of what prepares you to recieve what they have to offer you..I call it .the last supper.
from ( “Everybody Loves Tommorrow” billy quealy 2016)s

For the Time Being…

  “Why is it when your having a great time …time flies. But when your bored …it just crawls ?” Ain’t that backwards?”

“haven’t you heard of;  ‘buy some time?” or “bide your time ?

“oh like you can ‘buy some time’, if you do this or that ?” ” a short cut?”

“short cuts save time, yes”

“yeah, like pushing the clock ahead in last period class to get out of school early”. Together; “hahaha” .0228151756a

“You know how they say ‘ time waits for no one’? ”

“The rolling stones song? Time waits for no one because time doesn’t exist. ” We can hurry, or go slow… shore up time or waste our time.  And how do you hurry up time?”. “Depends on ‘what kind of time your talking about”. “I like when its ‘just in time’ ! ”  Early’s always better than late”. “It’s always a mutable situation… time is different at  ‘different times'”. “Well, talk about it some more next time. ok? ” Looking at his watch. “I’m out of time,  gotta go”            Looking back “…. gotta be somewhere on time”. hahaha!!  “yeah, for a change, you don’t want to be late”.

Well it’s about time !”






The Idea of THE

The Idea or origin of THE  and A…………
Notice the word “the” before every object place or thing even the people?    The idea behind “the” in english is …GOD.   Theology is the study (ology) of God (the). In spanish “the” is “El”  -( el montana, el jardin etc.) “El” is the hebrew for god ( Elija, israEL…)  In arabic Al- is “the” (a) word for god, Al- shaba, Allah , Al-amin, etc. Pre-positioning of the idea of god “before” everything comes from the begining of naming things….tree, dirt, forest, cold, food etc.
This was due to the awareness of the “oneness” of all creation, pouring forth from one god. Thus it was “god’s” tree, god’s rock, god’s animal, god’s children etc. Keeping such in mind,  so as not to forget where it all comes from. Someday people will appreciate remembering what it means to say what they speak.        ( “Everybody Loves Tomorrow”– billy quealy, 2018 Word Press)

Pacific Garden Mall

Walking down this most diverse of most malls in america, i see a young girl around 4 years old break loose from her mothers hand. Mom keeps walking. As a pass I notice the child is starring agape at something. Suddenly, with a  horrific look on her face she runs back to her mom clutching her hand and pulling her forward faster. I come across what she was starring at….a headless manaquin…scary !!      ( excerpt from; bb log 43 10/17)